Third Party Prime Alerts

Amazon frequently selects 3rd party merchants with Prime eligible Offers for the Buy Box. Although these offers are not sold from Amazon directly, shipping and customer support is provided by Amazon. For many users, this is functionally equivalent of buying directly from Amazon. Because of this, when you track an Amazon price on camelcamelcamel and we see a 3rd party Prime eligible offer that is less than your desired price we'll send you an alert. If you don't like these new alerts you can disable them. If you have a 3rd party watch in place on an item, we will only use your 3rd party watch criteria to determine whether to alert you for that item. You'll only receive these new 3rd party Prime alerts if you've tracked the Amazon price alone.

There is one significant caveat with 3rd party Prime alerting: we can't always see the lowest price 3rd party Prime offer. If there is a lower priced 3rd party offer than the Prime eligible offer we won't have any knowledge of the Prime offer. So 3rd party Prime alerts work only for the case where the lowest price 3rd party offer is a Prime offer.