Popular Products

Our Popular Products shows items that our users are tracking and have recently bought. By looking at the top 5-10% most tracked products in our database and combining it with our sales reports from Amazon, we've created a page that reflects the current interests of Camel users. We think our users are pretty good at spotting deals on quality products, and the Popular Products page reflects that. By default, this page shows the most popular products among Camel users over the last 3 months. You can change the lookback period with the 1 week and 1 month buttons at the top. You can also filter for good deals by selecting the Deals Only button.

Regarding the sales data we get from Amazon, we should emphasize that we don't actually know who buys what. What you as an individual are buying is a mystery to us; we do not and cannot track individual purchases. Amazon only gives us reports showing aggregate sales that were referred by us. So we see something like: 25 ear thermometers were sold, for example. The Popular Products page is simply the intersection of this sales data from Amazon and a list of the most tracked items on the site. Again, we don't want to reveal anyone's individual interests here; we just want to use the collective smarts of Camel users to highlight good deals at Amazon.