Camel Concierge - Amazon price drop alerts delivered via Twitter Direct Message (DM).

This is our Direct Message Twitter service. You follow us and we send you DMs when the products you want are ready to buy.

Using the Concierge

  1. Visit the Camel Concierge Twitter profile and follow it - @CamelConcierge
  2. Use our site to create price watches for products you want to buy, entering your Twitter username as the recipient of alerts

When prices drop, we will send you a DM so that you can scoop up that tasty product.

Public alerts

If you don't want to follow the Camel Concierge, we can also send @your_username messages to you publicly. Just skip step number one above and choose the Public option when you create price watches.

Why do you have to follow us?

Twitter requires that you follow us in order to receive Direct Messages from our account. This is to protect you (and all its users) from unwanted / spam messages.

Conversely, if you don't follow us and choose the Public message option, you will only see our messages if you click the @your_username link on the right side of your Twitter page. This shows you public reply messages, which includes any public alerts we send out at your request.

Click here to cancel Twitter alerts.