We just finished installing the new database server which now houses all of our pricing data.  It has increased performance across the board, but our web servers have definitely seen an immediate and drastic improvement.  Here are some statistics!

The following charts represent the average amount of time it takes our servers to generate a web page.

The amount of time a web server formerly spent grabbing data from the database – the orange-ish color in the chart – is about the same as the total amount of time it now spends on the entire request.

Database requests used to take up the majority of time spent generating a page; now there is hardly any time spent talking to the database.  Further, the new server has reduced the average response time from 150-200ms to 50-80ms.

Thank you all for your patience during the site downtime.  We hope these charts have proven it was worth the effort.

We would also like to thank our users for clicking the “Buy” button on our product pages and in our alert emails.  Doing so helps us do things like buy new servers, and that is good for everyone!  Please keep us in mind as you do your holiday shopping this year; we would really appreciate it.