8 years ago, in April 2008 -- after a grueling 4 month development period -- we opened camelcamelcamel.com to the public.  To celebrate this milestone, today we have launched a feature that has been requested as often as it has been back-burnered: our Amazon price history charts now display when products are out of stock!

Why the delay?  Honestly, it never really seemed as important as other things on our ever-growing to-do list.  But we were recently informed that it may be more important than we realized, so we set to work implementing it.  And, after a few weeks of development, now it is time to launch it.

For our users, this is a fairly simple change: there are no new interface elements or options to learn.  Whenever a product goes out of stock, it is now reflected in our charts as a horizontal dotted line.  Here's an example chart that highlights the new feature:

Hopefully you find this late addition is useful!  Please email us if you notice any problems with our charts.  And thanks to all our users, new and old, for allowing us to work on a project we love for so many years.  It is truly a privilege to do what we love, and to have such an appreciative and helpful group of users.

Here's hoping we make it to the decade mark!