This post is a follow-up to the original, How Our Price Checking System Works.  Please read that if you would like more information on the details of our system; this post is primarily an update on the product updating statistics contained therein.

This time around, we’re going to post statistics from October 2012.  As with the previous article, these numbers apply only to our Amazon site.

Amazon Price Checking Statistics

In October 2012, Amazon, very graciously, vastly increased our ability to update product data.  (Thank you, Amazon!)  Here’s what our statistics look like with our enhanced ability to access product data.  As of this writing, we currently have about 8.5 million products in our database (aka ~2.3 million products added since last December).  For reference, here’s a link to our Dec 2011 stats.

Amazon Price Checking Statistics as of 2012-10-29

The first and best thing to take away from that?  We are updating 8.5 million Amazon products every single day!  And many of those, including those our users are tracking, receive updates multiple times per day.

Those numbers also expose the fact that we should be doing better in some locales.  The “untracked” products in Japan and Germany, for example, are taking quite a while to update relative to the number of products in each.  That should be temporary, however, as we have just ordered some new servers which can better serve those locales.

Overall, we are thrilled with these numbers and hope they indicate the level of service you can expect throughout the coming holiday season.  We’ve managed to expand our product database while updating products more often, and that is incredible given that it’s the first time we’ve been able to make such a claim!