The phrase, “hard work pays off,” does not apply to dressing up for Halloween. The amount of joy a simple and affordable costume will bring into the lives of you and the people around you is far, far greater than the effort it takes to pick out a costume and order it. Halloween costumes are a form of expression too, a chance to show off a side that maybe the everyday people in your life didn’t know. They’re also socially lubricating, and let’s face it, you don’t want to be the only one who shows up to work or to a party in normal clothing. It's also a good idea to get the entire family involved, including the pets.


Pictured: Bread Costume, Ghost Costume for Dogs Photo: Winegeart, Hanaoka - Unsplash

The Most Simple Pet Costume

You don’t have to worry about your pet's hilarious costume falling off if they’re a bit more active or unwilling to be dressed up. This pumpkin costume has a simple design that will not bother your fuzzy friend while contributing greatly to the fun spirit of Halloween.

Cat Breading Headpiece

Cat Breading or Breading Cats is a wild and hilarious fad seeded from a viral meme of a cat with its head punched through a slice of bread. What makes this costume special, other than the extreme affordability, is that it is a costume, not just a slice of bread. Anyone could put their cat's head in bread, dressing them up in this costume is a work of art.

Beatles Mop-Top Wig

This wig might be the all-time most hilarious thing to put on your pet. The guests at your Halloween party are not going to be able to keep their cool.

Lions Mane and Tail

This is a very subtle costume that is honestly simple, attractive, and almost stylish enough that it might get some use more than once a year.


This costume takes your pet's already high level of cuteness up about a million notches.

Costumes for Children

Photo: Baker - Unsplash

80’s Vibe

Colorful and bright, it’s best to jump on this costume before the 80s aesthetic becomes trendy again.

Inflatable Sumo Costume

At this point, these sumo costumes are evergreen. If your kid is more extroverted or likes to make people laugh, it’s your parental duty to inform them of the world of inflatable costumes.

Save T-Rex, Ride a Flamingo

Out of all the optical illusion costumes in the genre, this is the most up-to-date version. It really heightens the level of ridiculousness in the best way.

Pizza Slice Costume

Subtle and hilarious because of its simplicity.


Pictured: Adult Banana Costume

Easy Taco Costume

This hysterical taco costume is perfect if you just want something simple and effective. Also, imagine how amazing it would be to get a taco costume for the dog as well and walk in lock step whilst trick or treating with the kids, hanging out at a party, or sitting on the porch handing out candy.

Simple Stranger Things Get Up

This is a very simple costume consisting of a Stranger Things shirt and a lightbulb necklace.

Maverick from Top Gun

“Top Gun: Maverick” is not just a very popular movie right now, this simple and affordable costume is highly realistic. Better not to walk by any air bases while wearing it… or at volleyball games.

Game of Thrones

This wig and overcoat are spot-on replicas of the popular television show.

Get Into Halloween

It’s easy to just deny your inner child and not dress up for Halloween. But the amount of effort it takes to stick a costume on an order is next to nothing compared to the immense boost in mood when you resign yourself to the silliness of dressing up. Take it one step further by sporting complementary costumes across your family (including your pets), and create new fun memories of bonding as we move from fall into winter. Lederhosen anyone?