How does one show appreciation and love for the father figure in their life? Holidays like these can be tough when money is tight. Cut through that mindset by thinking of this holiday–made national not that long ago in 1972–more as an opportunity to create and store some good old-fashioned positive memories.

In order to give a thoughtful gift, some actual thought must be put into the gifting process. Start by thinking about how the dad in your life recharges - in the company of others, or alone? From there, ideas for more personal gifts with loving intentions behind them will emerge. At the core of all thoughtful gift-giving is the quality of time spent, and the memories that are stored away for later.

Quality Time with Food and Fire

Metal Skewers - Skewering foods and methodically cooking them over an open flame is a perfect base for good old quality-time. This gift is meant to supplement a s'mores kit or some nice, skewrable meats. Enjoying each other's company while methodically rotating marshmallows or sausages. Having metal skewers is also a good way to normalize the social and ceremonial side of family.

Chimenea - Speaking of normalizing the consumption of s'mores, as long as safety precautions are taken, a chimenea becomes another good reason to get outdoors, connect, and act like an actual family again. A little decaf coffee after dinner around the chimenea?

Churrasqueira Style Barbecue - This rotisserie-type barbecue from South America is a total sleeper in the United States. Skewered meats and vegetables sit on a frame over wood or charcoal. People gather around and take turns turning the meats while drinking wine and chatting. Once the meat or vegetables are ready, they are passed around in bite-size proportions with chimichurri sauce for dipping. Repeat, all day.

Le Cruset Wine Sleeve - The fact that anything Le Cruset item is under 30 dollars is impressive, making this wine sleeve a great and affordable gift for the epicurean father figure.

DIY Type Gifts

DIY gifting is next level when it comes to showing appreciation for the Pops. It becomes extra special when the gift fits their personal style too. Here are some suggestions, but also, think about your dad's personal taste and interests. What kind of style does he have?

Tie-Dye Shirt Kit - Fun to do together or make shirts ahead of time using Dad's favorite colors.

Home Made Hot Sauce Kit - Same goes for a hot sauce kit, an activity to do with Dad, or you could make a special batch that is personality specific: are they a fan of fruit, or smokey barbecue flavors?

Quality Time and Games

Indoor and outdoor games are perfect for creating new memories, and it's definetly barbecue season. Check out our last blog on Budget Barbecue Essentials, which also double as cool gift ideas.

Pétanque Set - Another great reason to go outside and get into some mellow yet physical activity. This old-school lawn game can be played on almost any terrain infact, in some cases, the more obstructed the better.

Kubb Game - Another fun game meant to be played on a law while the churrasco barbecue is simmering, and the chimenea is spitting out s'mores.

Worse-Case Scenario Card Game - This game is particularly apt when played around a campfire in the wilderness; ironic, like a dad-joke.

Exploding Kittens Card Game - It's impossible to keep from laughing when playing this hilarious game.

Be With Each Other

The most important thing is to connect with the father figure in your life and let them know that you appreciate their efforts. A simple and thoughtful expression might be to throw a simple afternoon party. Maybe even invite friends who might not have a dad. With all these people around, games and food partner well with conversation, catching up, and well-wishes.